FIRST: Pick one of the ten Caribbean Countries that you wish to support 40% of your Tax Deductable Subscription Payment will go to give an IT Scholarship to a deserving student in the country of your choice.

SECOND: Click on the Sign Up Button and complete all of the fields and then click on the register button. * You must use a Valid E-Mail address as you will receive an Activation E-Mail that will allow you future access to the game and the websites.

THIRD: Under "Your Session" If you have an account and wish to get tickets, CLICK HERE

FOURTH: Go Back to the home page and CLICK ON PLAY FOR FUN TO try the Poker Game - Log into the game using your username and password

FIFTH: Place Your Chips Caribbean is Operated by: AWMG Caribbean IT Scholarship Foundation, Inc. - A Non-Profit Organization
The Foundation will provide Full IT Scholarships to deserving students in each of the ten countries listed below. When you register under the banner of one of the countries shown below, 40% of your Tax Deductable ticket purchases will go directly into the scholarship program specifically designed to benefit students from the country that you originally select. Click on the INFORMATION BUTTON above for complete details on how to play this exciting game. First Click on the Country below that you wish to support.

Also, feel free to contact our live chat support at SUPPORT URL.
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If you do not already have an account and wish to get tickets CLICK HERE to sign up.

If you have an account and wish to get tickets, CLICK HERE.

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